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Integral Trust is a company specialized in financial consulting, with extensive experience in Treasury, Corporate Finance, Securities and Financial Risk Management.

Started operations in 1999 as a full range financial services provider, operating with the same model adopted by the industry;

Integral Trust's consultants have been involved in major financial innovations implemented in the market in recent years, based on the technical knowledge acquired during the regulatory innovations combined with extensive professional experience of its consultants, Integral Trust has been a pioneer in the implementation of various projects such as:

  • Leader in Risk Management for Banks: 50 clients (42 Banks) – (22 Internacional subsidiaries)
  • Development of the 1st OTC derivatives contracts in Brazil;
  • Development / structuring of the 1st commodities fund in Brazil;
  • Implementation of the new BPS (Brazilian Payment System) ;
  • Development of assets securitization in Brazil through FIDCs in 2002 (registered with the CVM);
  • Development / structuring of the 1st FIDC duly registered with the CVM (equivalent to SEC) in Brazil;
  • Ranked as #1 for FIDCs in Brazil in 2006 and 2007, respectively.

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